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SEO doesn't have to be complicated, but it does need to be done correctly. You need more business, and I can help you get it. Seasoned SEO and content strategy. Let's talk.

Don Sturgill


Together, we an accomplish more than either of us can do alone.

SEO (search engine optimization) helps your website get found when someone searches for your brand, product, or service. The guys who call and email you daily to tell you they can rank your site on the first page of Google are liars. The only way to guarantee first page placement on the SERP (search engine results page) is to pay for ads. SEO helps you get ranked without needing to buy ads. SEO, done right, can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in ad spend.

Don Sturgill

SEO Writer

SEO Services | Oregon and Beyond

I offer full-service SEO. I can do everything from create and launch your new website, to perform above-board SEO work for you, to train your staff in SEO. Let's Talk.

SEO Services

I help you get found, get liked, and get more business online without paying for ads.

Content Strategy

I am an SEO writer who can deliver all the content you need, whether in words, films, or audio.

SEO Training

I can teach you and your staff to manage SEO in-house. When you need help, just call.

Praise and Testimonials

 I highly recommend Don Sturgill. The investment is worth every penny. His writing allows me to focus on the work ONLY I can do.

Don worked closely with me to convert my ideas and notes into well-written articles. In fact, we have enough content now that we're not far from turning it into a book. The longer we work together, the more he retains about my ‘style’.

Debbie White, Sales Trainer

Don has a captivating way with words. He has assisted in creating one of the most successful pieces of content marketing our company has ever created. On top of that, he's just a swell guy to work with.

Dustin Stout, Social Influencer

I've been working with Don for more about a decade and he has always proven himself professional and creative. He is one of those experts who will never just do whatever is required and take your money to move on to the next task. 

Don wants his clients to succeed. He will monitor the results and suggest further improvement or change of plans. He is always inspired and motivated. Definitely my favorite person to work with!

Ann Smarty, SEO Ninja

If you don't know Don Sturgill, he's who you've been wishing and searching for!!!

From computer hardware and software issues; to marketing your business; to managing and monitoring your business; to creative ideas and copywriting;  

Don does it all!! And he does it quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly!!

Don is A+ #1 in my book!!

Ken Roberts, Author

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About Don Sturgill

I'm a former corporate copywriter and SEO specialist who loves to help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. You can do the work you do best and leave the SEO and content strategy up to me. 

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